Having high-quality photos and videos are vital to selling your home quickly or attracting guests to your accomodation. We strongly believe that through our photos and videos, you will sell a lot quicker and will really have that wow factor that buyers and guests are looking for.

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Passion and Glow Commercial Photography

Residential and commercial packages available to suit all, as well as customisable packages. 

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Real Estate & Airbnb Gallery

Why invest in Real Estate & Airbnb Photography and Videography?

Today, 95% of home buyers use the internet to search for their home search. What's even more surprising is, buyers spend 60% of their time viewing the photos and only 20% of their time reading the property description.

Worldwide studies show listings with professional photos receive 118% more online views and listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster and a lot closer to the asking price

Great photos spark buyers into taking action. When buyers look at photos of your home, they picture themselves living there. If they get excited about how it would feel to live in your home, they will be inspired to see it in person.

The statistics speak for themselves. Photos are vital for a compelling real estate listing. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Hotel Gallery

Why invest in Hotel Photography & Videography?

With millions of people booking accomodation online daily, it has never been more critical to capture people's attention and have that wow factor than now. Based on photos, guests will very quickly decide if they will book or not so having high-quality images of your rooms is vital to gain more bookings. 

Hotels on booking websites with high-quality photos have a 63% higher click-through rate than those that don’t​

On Trivago, hotels and profiles with a high-quality main image (the one that will appear in search results) receive 96% of all the website’s traffic.

78% of people find photos to be the most important factor in making their hotel choice. Higher than their trust in other customer reviews, which turned out to be only around 66%, young people and modern hotel bookers demand photos of any new hotel. They want to see the details of the rooms, restaurants, facilities, parking spaces, etc. This is what lets them actually know about the conditions and environment of your hotel.


​The statistics from Airbnb itself only go on to prove the point. A 40% increase in earnings, 24% more bookings, and a 26% increase in average nightly price are just some of the major gains you can make with a good visual strategy.

Twilight/dusk images

Twilight - The natural colours that nature creates in the golden hour cannot be recreated in photoshop. If you're after a standout, popping images, take a look at our twilight/dusk packages

Dusk -  After the sun has gone down the (blue hour) starts. During this period of time, a lot of blues and purples start to appear in the sky. Night photos really make lights pop and show off a room/building in a whole new light. Astro-Photography is our favourite hobby so shooting at night is in our blood. 

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